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Summer Camp for LGBTQ+ Youth & Families

Every year, Diversity Camp Inc. hosts a week-long overnight Summer Camp designed for LGBTQ+ youth and families. Hosted in SWVA, our camp weeks are packed with fun community-building activities: swimming, hiking, arts and crafts, dancing, music, star-gazing, games, and campfires. Each camp week also features numerous educational workshops that focus on mental health, professional resources, consent, mindfulness, gender identity, orientation identity, coping skills, LGBTQ+ history, advocacy, acting, creativity, and much more!


Diversity Camp is led by numerous professional directors who have many years of experience organizing Summer camps, working with LGBTQ+ youth, and providing them with resources. All of our volunteers complete background checks as well as LGBTQ+ sensitivity, boundaries, emergency procedure, and conflict resolution trainings. 

Link to Camp Brochure

Link to the Camp Schedule
(Some activities may change,

based on leader availability)

For more information on

our directors click here.

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June 1-6, 2024

Registration is now closed!
if you have questions. 

Diversity Camp 2024
Camper Registration Application

This form is for campers ages 18 and under. Please complete one form for each camper. For parents who want to attend with their child(ren), please fill out a separate application for each parent as well. Please complete the entire form and sign in all signature spaces.


For young adults (19 year old and older) who want to attend Diversity Camp, please check back, we will have a NEW separate camp event for your age group! 

Diversity Camp 2024
Camper Scholarship


Camper Registration Payment

Full Registration Payment

Payment for Scholarship Recipients 

Useful Information:

  • The registration cost covers cabins and facility rental, all meals, and snacks.

  • Our camp nurse will be at camp to provide medication administration and for medical guidance. 

  • Once a camper is officially registered, you will receive a confirmation email from our directors that will include the full camp schedule, directions to camp, and a list of what to bring. This email will be sent in the second or third week of May. 

  • We welcome individual campers and entire families to attend Diversity Camp. For each person we will need a separate application and registration fee.

  • If applying for scholarships, you can fill out one scholarship application for your entire family. 

  • All campers, family members, and volunteers who are 18 years old or older must complete and pass our background check. Our background check form is part of the application.

  • For questions please email  

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