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Previously a program of the Roanoke Diversity Center.

Diversity Camp was originally founded and directed by Joshua Olinger as an event hosted by the Roanoke Diversity Center. Beginning in 2014, it became an event that LGBTQ+ youth, families, friends, and allies look forward to each year. Now, on it's fifth year, Diversity Camp has branched off as it's own organization, Diversity Camp, Inc. Now as chairman of its board of directors, Josh is continuing the camp with the help of a dedicated and experienced board of directors: Brandon McGhee (Vice Chairman), Bradley Olinger (Treasurer), Dolly Davis (Vice-Chair), Joella Peirce (Camp Operations), and Assad Abdelhadi (Secretary), as well as many dedicated camp volunteers and counselors. We look forward to collaborating with the Roanoke Diversity Center, Ladies & Gents of the Blue Ridge Transgender Alliance, and other LGBTQ+ supportive groups in the region to make this fifth camp year the best one yet!




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